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Artist Bio

Simon Harrison

Simon Harrison

I was born and raised in Southwest of Western Australia. I lived in Alice Springs NT for 10 years after finishing year 12 in Manjimup. It was in the Alice where I studied for my Diploma of Art at Centralian College. However, life took over and I rarely had the opportunity to paint while supporting a family as a Postie. In 2008 I ran my own Picture Framing business for 8 years until heading to the Pilbara, back on the bike, as a Postie again.

Recently, I moved to the SW of WA after 5+ years in the Pilbara, with my family and beautiful wife who holds my innermost heart and blesses me with the opportunity to finally paint! I believe Art is a philosophy. What do you see and how do you see it…? Why do you create? My work is inspired by the beauty, detail, and wonder in all creation. Let’s look after it! I hope my work encourages conservation, care, and respect of the natural environment.From my perspective, I see Design all around me.

I appreciate the science of the Intelligent Design movement and stand in awe of the Designer! Evolutionary origins religion has no explanation for beauty… that is the domain of an Artist (at least it ought to be!).

I am nothing but a mere copy artist! All I paint was first created by the Master Artist.

“Imitation is the highest form of praise!”

As an emerging artist I paint nature/wildlife in a realist style (not merely copying photos!), using airbrush/acrylic ink or watercolour/gouache. Birds are a special favourite. Over the years I’ve presented several small workshops in Airbrushing and painting wildlife. Other studies include two Painting workshop courses with Andrew Tischler.

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