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Artist Bio

Shaun Sawbridge

Shaun Sawbridge

Shaun Sawbridge is a West Australian artist with a background in fabrication and engineering with over 19 years’ experience. Shauns love for metal work and creating beauty from raw materials has led him on many global adventures working on numerous exuberant projects expelling creativity and great craftsmanship as he honed in on his craft.

Shaun's creative mind has always led him on an artistic road, pursing his passion in metal sculptures. Combining different alloys and materials allows him to communicate different ideas and emotions while creating a high quality sculpture backed with an inspiring statement.

Shaun chooses high quality exotic materials such as stainless-steel, titanium, aluminium, brass, copper and carbon fibre. These materials are not just stunning to look at, but they are also extremely durable giving his work the flexibility to be displayed internally or externally while having a very extensive lifespan.

Shaun’s work explores the relationship between sci-fi, our own universe and humanity to bring out thought-provoking concepts while making people reflect on subjects differently while incorporating a unique perspective on matters. 'My goal is to always create an exciting atmosphere with his work by asking the viewer to internally interpret the sculpture and convey their emotions'. In 2021, Shaun won the Dianne Laurance Sculptural Excellence Award.

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