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Artist Bio

Ross Potter

Ross Potter

Ross Potter is a Kamilaroi man living in Perth who works with graphite and pencil to produce highly detailed representations of animals, minerals and vegetables. Through magnifying microscopic features, Ross brings the abstractions of reality to our attention, while telling compelling stories of everyday life.

Well-known works include the life-size sketch of Perth Zoo’s elephant Tricia for Fremantle Arts Centre’s Animaze: Amazing Animals for Kids and WHALE at High Tide 17 Fremantle Biennale.

Ross’s most recent artworks are anthropomorphic in nature, reflecting human characteristics in bird forms to tell stories of pain, suffering and adversity. Natural decay is a recurring theme in Ross’s work. His subjects are often in a state of deterioration, questioning our relationship with nature and the environment.

Since his first solo exhibition in 2011, Ross has worked as a full-time artist with various residencies across Western Australia including Cossack Art Award in 2019 and Fremantle Arts Centre in 2020. Ross has won many art awards, most notably the finalist in The Lester Prize (BSPP) in 2015 and 2017 and winner of the Leonora Art Prize in 2019.

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