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Artist Bio

Emily Rose

Emily Rose

Growing up, I can't remember a time when I wasn’t exposed to art. Both my mum and nan, who are celebrated Aboriginal artists/authors, are constantly telling the stories of our culture and family history through their art. It is no wonder I was inspired to create from an early age. The wisdom and knowledge from the strong matriarchs of my family guided me through the hardest parts of my youth.

The stories of our foremothers have shaped my own values and understanding of a deep culture, to which I can now proudly say I make a unique and valuable contribution. I have been called to continue the legacy of the three generations of artists before me, sharing the love of heritage and forming connections in a vast network, through art.

My own styles are perpetually transforming. The mediums and methods I implement are largely guided by my intuition. It is one way I avoid stagnation and grow as an artist. I am inspired by my spiritual connection to country, the elements of nature, and the astral bodies that pepper the night sky.

With the birth of my daughter, I have found an even greater well of creativity and inspiration. More than that, my daughter has helped me evolve into the matriarch of my own family, and I find I have a rich tale of my own to share with the next generation. My Noongar/Yamatji heritage has influenced both my work and my connection to the land I work on currently the beautiful Pinjarup Country.

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